A Taste of Venice: meet our partners Sogno Veneziano


Carnival costumes at all times


Stunning Carnival hand made masks by Sogno Veneziano – photo by The Rambling Epicure Jonell Galloway

A Taste of Venice: meet our partners Sogno Veneziano Atelier

A Taste of Venice blog tour could have not taken place without the support and help of our partners. We would like to introduce them one by one.

We start with Sogno Veneziano Atelier, an amazing Carnival costume and mask making artisan shop in the centre of Venice, run by Giulia and her husband Igor, with the support of Giulia’s mum and their gorgeous inseparable little cute dog Romeo – you can often spot Romeo on Giulia’s lap quietly snoring while she sews away on her beautiful creations.


Giulia of Sogno Veneziano Atelier showing her creations – photo by Cook In Venice

Giulia is the stylist and creator of all the stunning Carnival costumes which you can find in the atelier, Igor is the designer mask maker, creator of amazing wonderful and fascinating Carnival masks.


Igor of Sogno Veneziano loves to show off their amazing work – photo by The Ramblig Epicure Jonell Galloway

We ask them to talk about themselves and Sogno Veneziano Atelier.


  • Introduce yourself to our readers: who is your company and what does it do?

To be born in Venice is a privilege, but it is a big fortune to have a father in love with arts and a seamstress mother.
I have breathed all of this since I was a child, among the “calli” and the Venetian Palaces, and it has been the most natural thing to transform it into my work.
The mesmerizing charm of Venetian Masks and Historical Costumes is the same in times. The pleasure of the disguising game attracts every year countless people and to hide behind a mask is an irresistible attraction.
A Masked Ball can be the dream of an entire life. But what is the work behind all of this?
Finished my languages studies I began to work for a master costume seamstress who taught me a lot, leaving me free to experiment with my first masks and costumes.
Over the years I developed my techniques and my own style. Masks have to be worn like sparkling jewels to enhance the glamorous spirit of Carnival, and the costumes, even if following the original style of their centuries, have to shine on their own light with gold, silver and crystals to make the game even more magical.
I have named my Atelier “Sogno Veneziano” because to come to our city is everyone’s dream, and to live the mysterious atmosphere of Venice is a unique experience.


Giulia loves to explain and entertain clients and visitors of the shop – here she is giving an interview to a Tv Crewe in January 2016 – photo by Sogno Veneziano Atelier


  • How long have you been operating in Venice?

I was born and raised in Venice, and I have always worked in this city.


  • What do you love the most about Venice?

Venice is the reason why I do my job. History, atmosphere, monuments, lights and colours inspire me every day. Because everything is part of me.


All of the dresses and Carnival Costumes packed in the little atelier of Sogno Veneziano


  • What would you change in Venice?

Probably there is only one thing that I would change: young Venetians…especially those that have been raised by parents working in commerce. The reason is that many of them think that what tourism gives to the City is due, but nowdays even if we have lots of bad tourists we have even people who come to Venice to really enjoy this place and we can’t treat them as a cash machine. If we want for Venice to rise again from the ashes, we have to go back to an old-fashioned behavior, of good manners and education. We have to learn to respect visitors, no matter the size of their wallets and take a commitment to reveal the real soul of this city.


Hand made Carnival masks by Igo of Sogno Veneziano Atelier – photo by The RAmbling Epicure Jonell Galloway

You can rent or buy your Carnival costumes from Sogno Veneziano, not only during the Venice Carnival time, but all through the year. The costume rental include the costume, all accessories and much more. Giulia and Igor organize also photobooks and wedding proposals, as well as photowalks in costume.

For information contact:
Sogno Veneziano Atelier


Sogno Veneziano Atelier

S.Marco (Calle delle Acque) – 5009 cap 30124

Website: www.sognovenezianoatelier.com

E-mail: sognoveneziano@live.com

Tel. +39 041 2413250

Cell. 3406896502


Thank you Giulia and Igor, and cutie Romeo and Giulia’s mum, for making people’s dreams come true! And good luck with your next big Carnival Costume Ball on 30th January 2016:

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